Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Seguridad vial

One of the problems with Spain is that they love their road signs so much they don't take them down when redundant - trouble is I don't know which one is older, they look like they were put up at the same time.


I eventually managed to track down a six-seater as a new family car. This is it in its natural environment. Seems I'm following the lead set by my other expat friends. At least this one should be cheaper to run than theirs, even with its petrol engine.

No han aprendido nada

Crazy driver behaviour still seems to abound in spite of points-based licences. Witness this little set-to in La Línea.

Escuela de verano

Summer school is great. They even teach you how to design websites - at the age of eight!

¡Que cara tiene!

I could hardly believe that one of our cats would pose so obligingly for this shot. They also make a good alarm clock when they want breakfast.


The kids are now getting involved in more grown-up activities: skating, swimming, Xbox etc. The parties with friends are also getting more grown up.

Lo importante es la salud

Whilst waiting for the Big Day to arrive we've been out and about and I've had little time for blogging. Lots of these so-called "fitness parks" have sprung up this year. Now the children are bigger, they find these more interesting than the play parks.