Monday, December 17, 2007


A little ahead of schedule Suzie has started on solids - and is growing rapidly - 4 months old and already growing out of her "3-6 month old" baby grows.
One innovation we found (since the other kids were babies) which has been a real boon to us are "grobags"; just right for our little tomato plant.

Cuarenta kilos de grasa fea

This has got to go!
No, not the Sammy, the piece of plastic I unwisely bought to go on top. I was "persuaded" (bulldozed) by my better half to get it to keep the weather off the baby.
Well, baby's never been for a ride since the roof was fitted, either being chauffeured about in the company car or my wife's car, both of which have a tin roof.
So I guess it's off to ebay with the bu**er.
Honestly, the plastic roof is no improvement over the techo lona I have stored away. It was a bastard to fit and reduces access to the rear of the Sammy, so getting baby and kids in and out is a pain in the backside.
Once I've swapped back and sold the plastic top, I'll see if I have enough spare cash for the exo cage on my wish list.

¡Qué asgo!

This is presumably what Suzie thinks of babysitters who prefer to watch TV than look after her!

She's very people oriented, thanks I'm sure to always being fawned over by all and sundry here in Spain. Always ready with a smile - she seems so different from her older siblings who should be in Spanish politics they argue that much.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lavapiés olímpico

For those of you not familiar with Spain, Plaza Lavapiés in Madrid occupies the same spot on the Monopoly board as the Old Kent Road.

I wonder if anyone has a similar site for London?

Hugely entertaining in any language. I voted for the "Floor gymnastics with joint".