Tuesday, November 20, 2007

¡Por qué no te callas!

Humorous video of the Chavez - KJC encounter. KJC gets my vote.

Bonita chica

Susie is progressing very nicely at last. After a dodgy start and numerous visits to hospital in Marbella and Málaga she's doing well at home.
She's now more than doubled her birth weight and is gordita. She's also starting to smile and laugh (especially at me). She also, thankfully sleeps through the night. I don't recall the other three being so well-disposed, perhaps living in Spain is good for babies.

Por fin arreglado

I've finally managed to fix the Sammy after the rear propshaft parted company with the rest of the vehicle some weeks ago. Silly me didn't realise that the vibration caused by the incident had sheared two out of the three transfer box mountings (you can see one top right). This resulted in mucha vibración in low gears. 27 euro from the Suzuki dealership in Algeciras sorted it - Muchas gracias chicos.

Hace treinte años

I was watching TVE1 last night and they ran a video journal on what was in the news thirty years ago.

1977: King Juan Carlos renounced his dynastic rights over government, Spain's first democratic elections since 1936, the Communist party legalised, etc.

This might explain why this sign is inside the Casares Partida Andalucista offices (underground and well out of sight).

Friday, November 09, 2007

Ahorrar luz

The change in the appearnce of the blog was prompted by this. Again, worth a read.

Hechos Probados

A distinct lack of recent blogging by me due to work committments.

Even this news passed me by. Worth a read. Then worth some further thought.