Friday, August 04, 2006

Tráfico controlará la velocidad de 100.000 vehículos al día en agosto

A new (anti-)speeding campaign starts in Spain next Monday (7th August) for two weeks. This sort of campaign is a regular feature on Spanish roads, so no surprises there.

The difference this year is that the Benemérita will be on 1,900 'secondary' roads this year, checking the speed of 100,000 vehicles a day with mobile radar traps. They have chosen to avoid the motorways this year as 75% of road deaths occur on non-motorway stretches. In fact Spain´s motorways are twice as safe as those in the UK on a distance travelled basis.

According to DGT statistics, 22% of all road accidents are caused by excess speed, which led to the death of almost 1,000 people last year.

DGT are also mounting a press, radio and TV campaign with the slogan "double direction - double precaution" [single carriageway roads are called 'doble sentido' here].

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SpanishBen said...

My bother in law works as a midivac helicopter pilot near Madrid and says the same, that nearly all the accidents he attends are on small roads - obviously people are fine driving in a straight line in this country but have trouble with junctions and bends. Thank goodness someone with an attitude like yours is becoming a driving instructor, maybe there is hope for some of your future students! By the way, I can't find a contact link on your page but would love to get in touch, can you contact me via my blog at Notes from Spain? Thanks, Ben