Monday, December 17, 2007

Cuarenta kilos de grasa fea

This has got to go!
No, not the Sammy, the piece of plastic I unwisely bought to go on top. I was "persuaded" (bulldozed) by my better half to get it to keep the weather off the baby.
Well, baby's never been for a ride since the roof was fitted, either being chauffeured about in the company car or my wife's car, both of which have a tin roof.
So I guess it's off to ebay with the bu**er.
Honestly, the plastic roof is no improvement over the techo lona I have stored away. It was a bastard to fit and reduces access to the rear of the Sammy, so getting baby and kids in and out is a pain in the backside.
Once I've swapped back and sold the plastic top, I'll see if I have enough spare cash for the exo cage on my wish list.

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