Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tío Brian

Christmas and New Year have been very strange times here.

My mother-in-law's partner, always referred to as Uncle Brian died on the 23rd December. As is the Spanish way the funeral was the day after, Christams Eve. This rather put a different mood on Christmas this year. Our neighbour and Susana's godmother, Isabel was very helpful in helping to organise the funeral. She's been a pillar of strength and support for us from the day we arrived in Casares.

What shocked me in putting together this post was how far back I had to go (August 2000) in order to find a picture of Uncle Brian when he was not ill. The gradual nature of his debilitation had fooled me into thinking he'd been ill for a lot less than seven years.


Grumpy Goat said...

Our sympathies.

Gnomad said...

Sympathies to you and yours, especially to the mother in law. We will keep you in our prayers.
Gnomad and Gnomadette