Friday, June 27, 2008

Lo haremos para ella

Owing to a number of issues it looks like our life in Spain is drawing to a close.
The problems we've encountered I'll save for later once we've left.
However, to guarantee our childrens' health and education is why we came to Spain in the first place. Now it seems we must leave for the same reasons.
I don't believe that Spanish society has changed at all whilst we've been here, nor do I believe we came with "rose-tinted spectacles". Our childrens' needs have changed, and that alongside the darker aspects of Spanish society and institutions have made us realise that Spain is not where we want to be.
Where next? We have a number of options, but we'll almost certainly be moving house during the summer holidays. We'll probably rent the house out short-term and sell later, unless any of you dear readers are interested.


Dee said...


I was delighted to find your post on my blog, and your perspective on life in Casares. I love knowing Josefa's name and the details about her! We loved Casares. I grew up in a town of similar size in Kansas in the US, Eudora, Kansas to be exact! It too was a wonderful experience, though I have to say Casares much more beautiful, so I know about mixing with the locals and integrating into their lives. We enjoyed our time at the soccer match at the bar upstairs. I don't remember then name, started with a B perhaps.

I look forward to digging into your blog, though I don't have a reliable internet connection so will see how far I get with my short bursts of time at the internet cafe here in Nerja. I am curious as to why your leaving due to children and school...having some of those same concerns about moving here!

Muchas gracias again for your post!

Dee Andrews

Anonymous said...

Navegando por internet me he encontrado con este blog y al ver a su hija os he reconocido. Soy un chaval de casares que ha estado en el colegio haciendo mis practicas de la universidad y conozco a sus tres hijos. Charlotte es una niña muy buena y Lulu también. Con Thomas también me he llevado muy bien.
¿En serio os vais de Casares?
No sabía nada.

Si te puedo dar mi apoyo o mi opinión respecto a alguna cuestión que me quieras preguntar mi email es ...

Kate said...

Hey, I'm really sorry to hear that you might be leaving.

Hope things work out whatever you decide to do, and that you keep us updated with a blog - from wherever you end up, if you do move.