Thursday, January 12, 2006

¿Dónde he escuchado eso de Andalucía un «país de ciudades»?

I'm feeling teed-off and bolshy today. My job seems about to end and I haven't been paid for December yet. My employer has even tried to not pay my 'paga extraordinaria'. I need to go and see the union about that. In fact abuses by employers of all nationalities here in Spain make it your number one priority to join.

This story from ABC Seville's edition reminds me of 1997 in the UK. Remember the Blair government saying it would be for all the people, and then actually only serving its powerbase of socialists? As a countryside dweller in the UK, do you feel betrayed by the government?

Now it seems the same is to happen here. The mayor of Seville says that Andalucía is a "country of towns". What about the 50% of Andalucían people who live in the countryside? Are they to be shafted over drought / falling agricultural incomes / bird flu like UK rural populations were over BSE / F&M disease / GM crops / fox hunting?

This comment was part of the posturing around the socialists support for the Catalan statute. This statute may now define Cataluña as a 'nation'. Already one leading Lt.-General has been put under house arrest for suggesting the army might have to get involved to defend the Spanish consitution.

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