Tuesday, January 10, 2006

¿Donde vivo? ¿Qual es el ITV?

This is the view from our house.

Casares is 15km inland from the Costa del Sol, 100km from the provincial capital, Málaga and over 400m up.

The 'Casareños' are a little different from the coastal Spanish, more insular and more in tune with rural life. It's still not uncommon to see a horse tied up in the plaza whilst the owner is inside a bar. However, 'burros' have disappeared. I haven't seen one here since we arrived last year. Plenty of 'quads' though.

'Quads' or the little ATVs are extremely common, since they don't require feeding, and can negotiate the steep roads easily. Most do not have an ITV (MOT) certificate. In fact, Málaga province is the worst in the whole of Spain. Less than half the vehicles on the road which need this test have one. One-fifth of vehicles (mostly scooters and 'quads') have NEVER had an ITV.

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