Saturday, July 15, 2006


It seems there is some way to go to change some drivers' attitudes here.

On a separate note, the BNG (Galician Nationalist Party) are campaigning for autopistas to waive tolls when traffic conditions dicate - there was a 10km tailback on the A-9 yesterday whilst the peaje was empty. Madrid had 33km tailbacks.

I wholeheartedly agree. If the Government was serious about traffic safety, all the peajes would be abolished to keep traffic on the (much safer) autopistas.

Yesterday, the citizen's action group in Estepona were protesting (I forget about what) which resulted in the closure of the exit from the A-7 there. This forced all the traffic down the AP-7 where they had to pay the toll at the Casares exit, me included. I have kept my receipt and will be sending it back to Autopistas del Sol for a refund, since I had no choice but to use their motorway, one of the most epensive in Europe per km. In summer to get from La Linea where I work to Málaga Airport costs the following: €2.65 at Casares, €3.70 at San Pedro and €5.50 at Calahonda, a total of €11.85 for an 80km journey (not including the unavoidable 8km stretch of A-7 at Marbella or the short strech of A-7 at Estepona). So that's €12 for a 72km motorway journey or €1 per 6 km.

Since, on average I do this journey 3-4 times a week, the return journey costs up to €100 a week, €400 a month. Is this the price of safety?

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